Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow day

And I am about to be as big as Frosty.
Why is it that when there is a small dusting of snow on the ground, roads close up and I am stuck in doors with two small children and a bag of Doritos?

No meat consumed but Doritos...yes, I ate my weight in Doritos.
No one said I was perfect.

However, if it gets me out of jail with the diet police...even for just a moment, I have ran at least a mile around my house while chasing my two year old and have lifted at least 40 plus pounds carrying various children around to either bed, potty or on one occasion the first aid kit.

Its days like these when I realize how much I really REALLY need the gym. Being left alone at home with these two, all while trying to work is making my brain hurt. I would love an hour to reboot...except the roads are "ice" and I cannot go anywhere.

Tonight we will be having seafood gumbo. I vowed that while I may give up meat, seafood does not count. It does to those Skinny Bitches (please read book for reference) but to least not yet.

They also said that I should only drink organic wine but I am not sure that Boone's is very organic.

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  1. Jumping off the wagon is part of it, just pick yourself back up and continue with what your plan was. Believe me, I've been there and done that several times. If I can do what I'm doing, wasn't so good at first but lately has been much better, you can do it too. We can even stick together during our 8 hours together a day. I know you can do this!!!