Thursday, January 7, 2010

Meat free for me...

If you know me from back in my college days, the title of this post may make you laugh. I chuckled.


So I made a goal to be meatless for a week. So far so good. I am not jumping on some vegetarian band wagon and making claims that being a meat eater is super unhealthy. I am just seeing if I can accomplish a small goal, one that takes work and discipline.

Just putting it out there, if you know of any good meat substitutes please send them my way.

I have tried and liked:
Boca Crumbles - I have heard that the Morningstar brand is better though
Morningstar maple sausage - YUM-O
Boca chicken nuggets - yum

Today I am tasking an organic cheese, rice and bean burrito made with soy cheese. We shall see.

So I tried on my goal pants and dress the other night. Both "fit", not well but both did zip. MAJOR muffin top with the pants and the dress gave me a uni-boob but I know where I stand know so at least I know what I am working for. Also, at least I know that the goal is not totally off the table.

The big 30 is coming up in April and I am hoping to be wearing the pants for the big party my husband is probably going to throw for me. Again, if you know me you will know that this is also chuckle worthy. But, a night out on the town may be in order and these pants WILL FIT...AND LOOK GOOD. Its not like they are crazy pants. Pink pants...but I love them, always have and hate the fact that I cannot wear them.

I will be joining the gym next week. I hate starting new places alone but I need to do it. I have such a fear of walking into the gym, to a machine and getting on it when I don't have a partner or friend to talk to. I mean, gyms are such social things. There is a way to proceed when entering a gym, especially small ones. Then, what if the machine that I want is in use...which typically always happens to me. It is always being used by some crazy, healthy girl who can go HOURS on it. I feel the need to just tap her and say, "Do you mind letting me use this really quickly. I mean, just look at me, it won't be more than 15 minutes. Thanks" So then I am stuck on some lame stationary bike WAITING for the machine I really want.

But hey, a stationary bike is better than what I have been doing, which is NOTHING.

Bridesmaid dress shopping is starting in March. I have two months to get it in gear enough to not be totally embarrassed during that.


  1. good luck with the meat free thing! That's awesome. I am such a carnivore.

  2. MB and I went Vegatarian for a month when we got married. I really didnt miss the meat.

    Morning Star Chic Patties and nuggets are good.
    Bocca burgers are delicious.

    Good luck!